Crossfit Recovery Pack

The Crossfit Recovery Pack is a way for you to experience all our best recovery tools for one low price.

  • Get a sixty minute float,

  • a whole body cryotherapy session,

  • a forty minute sweat in one of our infrared saunas,

  • and thirty minutes experiencing our Normatec Leg Recovery System,

    Normally over $160, use the code voodoo to get the one time special price of $100 for Barbell Voodoo Listeners.



WBC [Whole Body Cryotherapy] is short exposure to extreme cold in our cryosauna.  It is a fast and effective alternative to traditional ice baths.  In under three minutes a dry chill drops the ambient temperature to a range of -130°F to -184°F. 

One whole body cryotherapy session is included in the Crossfit Recovery Pack.

Floatation Therapy

Take a vacation from the noise and stress of daily life in a near zero-gravity state, buoyed up by 1000+ pounds of epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) dissolved in skin temperature water, floating in a low sensory environment of no light, no sound.  Disconnect from the world and tune into your own body and mind in the safe, nurturing environment of your own private float room. 

Floating optimizes the results of your fitness and athletic training and enhances performance.  It is shown to relax muscle tissue which improves blood circulation, helps to eliminate lactic acid and stimulates growth and regeneration of muscle tissue.  The float tank is also a powerful aid in visualization and promotes focus and concentration.  

One 60 minute float is included in the Crossfit Recovery Pack.



Infrared Sauna

Whether you choose the fully enclosed Vital Health Sauna or one of our dome saunas, get the benefits that range from helping you recover faster from workout or injury. Increased circulation brings blood oxygen into the muscle tissue to speed the healing process. Sweat out the stress, increase flexibility and get relief from pain.

Normatec Leg Recovery System

These compression boots help you recover faster between workouts by increasing circulation and reducing workout soreness. Lay back, relax, and enjoy effortless recovery.

One sauna session and a 30 minute NormaTec session are included in the Crossfit Recovery Pack.