002 - Float tank sanitation and why you can't experience float therapy in your bathtub

It is rare that a week goes by when we get asked how we clean the float tanks. It comes up during online live sessions, during tours, and on social media so I figured we shouldn’t go too long without addressing this question on everyone’s mind.

You can also read our process over on the Float Nashville blog where we discussed how often we change the water.

The other questions I address in this podcast is one that isn’t quite as frequent but we understand how it can be perplexing to someone who hasn’t floated or hasn’t heard of floating before. We often hear, “isn’t this just like an epsom salt bath?”

It really isn’t. And I discuss what parts of the float experience make it so powerful and what it would take to get those results at home. I think this is one of the complexities about floating - it sounds so simple and yet we know it is so powerful.

This past Sunday we floated twenty veterans for free. As we watched them nervously or stoically go into their float and come out relaxed, smiling, chilled out and amazed, we are reminded again at what floating can do.

It’s powerful. And meaningful. And whether you are using it for deep relaxation or pain management, or anxiety, what matters is you leave feeling good.

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