A floaty holiday gift giving guide!

Feeling stuck for a gift? We’ve put together a holiday list of some of our favorite services and products to make gift giving a little easier this holiday. Don’t forget to check out our Holiday Event page so you know exactly what is going on sale and when!

Give the gift of an experience! We are thrilled to be the first to bring both Cryotherapy and Floatation therapy to Murfreesboro. And this means you are giving them a unique gift they can’t get anywhere else.


Winter is never too cold for chilling out with Cryo! Pair whole body or local cryo with a Normatec session for a really nice gift pack.

Perfect gift for

  • Recovering workout warriors (got any crossfitters on your list?)

  • Or it can compliment a new gym membership where they’ll be stretching their bodies to the limit with new movement

  • Maybe you have a high school athlete who is working hard to be the best they can be.

Floatation Therapy

Float effortlessly in our tanks of Epsom Salt water solution of skin temperature water! It is a unique environment you won’t find anywhere else on earth. It is a beautiful experience and our open float pool can even accomodate a couple’s float. We will have some amazing deals on floating during this holiday season. Be watching our events and social media!

Perfect gift for

  • Enhancing a meditation practice

  • Deep stress relief

  • Chronic aches and pains like Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis (or arthritis by itself), back pain and more.

  • People with anxiety

Our favorite combinations!

Want to give someone you love a really nice experience that will allow them to unplug from the world, relax, and heal? We have a few favorites.

The Deep Chill is our signature service. Enjoy a float, a 60min massage, and a 40min infrared sauna session, back to back!

You can’t beat the classic pairing of float and massage. And if floating isn’t their thing, a sauna and massage will melt away the stress.

A little fire and ice is always appreciated no matter what time of year it is! Start with cryo (ice), then a 60min massage, and end with some heat in our infrared saunas (fire).

Sometimes you want to wrap something up to put under the tree and a gift card just won’t do it. We get that! So we’ve put together a list of some of the most love items around Float Alchemy!

The Hammock Chair

These chairs are almost always full. People gravitate towards the comfortable weightlessness found in these comfy and strong chairs. You know the ones! And they aren’t as expensive as you may think!

This always catches attention of people when they come in. The soft glow, the lovely aromatherapy scents drifting up leave them relaxed as soon as they come in the door. Perfect to soothe while getting ready for bed and setting the mood in any room, this is the gift of relaxation.

And don’t forget the essential oils!


The Alchemist

This book is on the annual reading list of so many people - including myself! If you are looking for a book to inspire you to follow your heart, this is the one.


Insulated Growler Bag

Keep that kombucha cool with this double insulated growler bag. It can hold up to two 64oz growlers and keep them cold on the ride home. Plus, it just looks good!

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