Kombucha Cocktail: Kombucha Sangria

This recipe is easy and super delicious. And it keeps getting better the longer it sits, so make it and forget it for 24 - 48 hours, then bring it out and wow your company!

At the time I made this, I chose to use the Briar Patch Berry. It is a limited edition, so it may not always be available, but it seemed to make sense with a rich red wine. Any berry kombucha should work just fine.

Let us know in the comments below what changes you made! Pictures of this beautiful drink are always appreciated!

Kombucha Sangria

2 apples, chopped

2 oranges, sliced

1 c. berries (frozen or fresh, your choice)

A few mint leaves

1 bottle wine (red or white works well) I used red for the video, but also tried this recipe with Pinot Grigio and it was delicious!

1c. fresh squeezed orange juice (or good quality store bought)

1/3 c. Brandy (I used an apple brandy)

32oz Kombucha

Dump it all in a jar or pitcher and put into your fridge for 24 - 48 hours (this is the hardest part) and then share with friends!

Tips: Serving in a punch bowl is nice so you can ladle out some fruit which makes the glasses look festive!

Put out a bottle of sparkling water so guests can top off their sangria and get a bubbly experience or create a spritzer to cut alcohol and cut calories!