001 - Five Float Alchemy Facts

Welcome to our first episode of our mini-cast, Float Alchemy.FM!


Here’s a fact not mentioned in our first episode: I (Amy) have been on a podcast for three years. It is a podcast that helps people start and run float tank centers! So it seemed natural as we looked for a way to connect with our new community, to start this mini-cast to answer your questions and share weekly news.

This week we cover five, kinda random facts, we thought would help you understand us a little more.

  1. What the heck is Alchemy anyway?.

  2. Who owns this place? Not a husband and wife, not a father and daughter. Just two bff’s trying to make the world a better place a community at a time.

  3. What exactly all goes on at Float Alchemy?

  4. This is not your grocery store kombucha!

  5. People ask us all the time what our favorite services is and how often we do them. We try to answer that as best we can.

Come out and discover us for yourself. Small Business Saturday, November 24th, we will be having some specials and from 1pm - 5pm our brewmaster will be here giving samples of cheese and his sauerkraut as well as talking about the benefits of eating fermented food, tips on finding the good stuff, and answering questions about kombucha.

It’s your turn! Let us know a fact, or two (or five) about you! We're here to build our community. We’re stronger together!

Got a question about anything we do here? Let us know in the comments below. We’re happy to answer them.

Next Thursday we talk floating!

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