When Pigs Fly: Our Grand Opening Celebration

Our float story begins long before we ever made it to Murfreesboro.  Mark and I began working with the TN Department of Health back in 2011 when we decided to try to bring floatation therapy to Tennessee.  

During our first discussion, we were handed the regulations document and told as long as we meet the requirements of swimming pools in Tennessee, we were good!  It was a hard moment.  We knew float tanks wouldn't meet a few of the requirements and many more would take big changes that could affect the quality of the service we wanted to give.  

Even some friends and family were skeptical we could make it happen.  One particularly heated discussion ended with the declaration that float therapy would happen, "when pigs fly"!  

Fortunately, in what can only be a miracle of Mother Nature, pigs must have flown somewhere because on July 16th, 2013 the health department rewarded us with the green light to begin building out our first float tank center.  Float Nashville opened six weeks later and the full float schedule proved that we had something people needed.  

In April of this year, we began a slow open.  It has again been an uphill battle, but as we learned with our last center, we are fully capable of rising above the obstacles and once again being able to offer what we believe can change lives.  

Those flying pigs are at it again.  

And we finally got to celebrate this with our Grand Opening this past Saturday!  It turned into quite the party with ice cream floats, music, tours, specials, and lots of wonderful happy people!  Not to mention we got to give out some awesome door prizes from our friends at Hotworx, Strongbody Nutrition, Murfreesboro Yoga, Amazing Lash Studio, and even a few gifts from us including a bag of CBD products, one of the famous hammock chairs, a growler bag and more.  

For those of you who came and picked up one of our branded Float Alchemy mason jars, don't forget that the rest of the year when you fill it up at the taproom, you get 15% off whatever drink you put inside!

Thank you for helping us kick off in a big way!  Please take a moment to browse the photos or maybe even add to the memories in the comments below!