Our Hemp CBD Products

In addition to selling both the TenneCBD both Green and Black formula tinctures, we have several products and services that incorporate hemp CBD.


Hemp Honey

Leaf Alchemy Hemp Honey contains a full dose of CBD in every tsp.  This 8 oz container has 660mg of CBD. One measured teaspoon in a warm beverage or eaten directly has 30mg CBD that can help heal and relax.  The honey is local, raw, and unfiltered which have the added bonus of helping battle allergies!  $30

Go-To-Sleep Honey

A blend of local honey, CBD and herbs are blended together to create a nighttime remedy to help you stay asleep all night long. Simply put one measured teaspoon in a warm beverage (decaf tea, milk or preferred milk substitute, or even water) 30 minutes before bed and enjoy.

Go-To-Sleep Honey Gold label contains a sleep supporting blend of minerals, herbs, and CBD. It is THC free! $36

Go-To-Sleep Honey Green label contains all the same sleep supporting herbs, minerals, and CBD but also contains local hemp bud for additional terpenes. This contains less than .3% THC. $39

Leaf Alchemy Bath Elixir

Just like the solution in our float tanks, this bath elixir is a super saturated dose of epsom salt and dead sea salt, but the magic is in the 40mg of water soluble hemp CBD.  This type of hemp CBD is easily absorbed through the skin and is bio available for your body to use for pain, rest, and relaxation.  Each jar contains enough for 2 baths.  Choose between relaxing lavender or Eucalyptus mint for muscle relaxation and fatigue.



Leaf Alchemy Kombucha

Check out our taproom for a selection of gut-healthy kombucha that contains hemp CBD!  To see what we have on tap currently, click here to head over to our taproom menu.

Hemp CBD Massage add on

A massage add on, an infused massage oil with menthol (the active ingredient) and hemp CBD is used to create a relief from muscle aches, strains, bruises and strains so you can keep doing what you love.      Members  +$10    Non-Members +$7