Kombucha Taproom

Fermented, lightly effervescent teas, juices and veggies along with a handful of crafted drinks on tap are self serve daily in our Kombucha tap room.  Heal, repair your body and recover from the inside out with drinks crafted carefully with probiotic wizardry from Leaf Alchemy. This is our company the meshes science and art to take advantage of the power of the plant to help us live a vibrant life.

Not a Kombucha fan?  Try our probiotic sparklers. Sweet, easy to drink and still have all the healthy live cultures. All are available on tap for drinking in or to go.  Bring a growler or buy one of ours to take your favorite drink home. Our taproom is self-serve.

All of our kombucha is made in a USDA certified organic facility in the middle of amish country. 

Don't forget to check out our retail for raw milk cheese and fermented items that boost your immune system, energize and keep your body in its best shape.

Our Healthy Hemp CBD Kombucha features TenneCBD.  TenneCBD is also available for sale right here at Float Alchemy in our taproom.

In addition we also carry local raw unfiltered hemp CBD honey and a CBD Bath Elixir with saturated epsom salt and dead sea salt solution with a healing dose of water soluble CBD that will ease away aches and pain.

What's On Tap


Strawberry Fields

Painkiller - Willow Bark, Tumeric + Ginger

Chamomile Ginger Honey

10oz - $6.50 / 16oz - $9 / 32oz - $17.50


Cold Buster (high in Vit C and Zinc)

Blood Orange, Cardamom, and Vanilla

Black Grape - black tea and concord grape

True Blue

10oz - $3.50 / 16oz - $5 / 32oz - $8.50


Water Kefir - Wild Strawberry

Probiotic Sparkler - Cranberry Pomegranate

10oz - $3.50 / 16oz - $5 / 32oz - $8.50


Beet Apple Kvass (fermented beet with apples)

10oz - $3.50 / 16oz - $5 / 32oz - $8.50