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Float Therapy

With 60 years of clinical research, this simple but powerful service can be found in pro-sports training facilities, hospitals, autistism schools, and now right here in Murfreesboro, TN. Take a 60 minute break from gravity, pain, and stress in 10” of skin temperature water, 1100 plus pounds of epsom salt, and leave behind the constant input of our daily world. Refresh body, mind, and spirit.

Single 60min float - $65

Member price for 60min float is $49


Using cold to ease inflammation, pain, and swelling has been used for thousands of years. But, in the last 40 years, cryotherapy technology has improved this treatment to penetrate deeper, and work with your body to heal, rejuvenate and help you recover faster. We have worked with pro, collegiate, and high school athletes, crossfitters, and chronic pain warriors to get them back to doing what they love, fast.

Whole Body Cryotherapy - $55 (2 - 3 minute treatment)

Local Cryotherapy - $30 (6 - 8 minute treatment in a single area)

Cryofacial - $45 (10-12 minute treatment focusing on scalp, face, and neck)

Member prices for Cryotherapy are Whole Body Cryotherapy - $30, Local Cryotherapy - $20, Cryofacial - $30

Infrared Sauna

40 minute Sauna Session - $35
Couples Sauna Session - $60

Members get $15 sauna sessions in any of our saunas.

NormaTec Leg Recovery System (Leg Compression)

15min / 30min / 45min / 60min

$15 / $20 / $25 / $30

Members get 50% off NormaTec rates

Massage Therapy

30 min / 60min / 90min

$50 / $70 / $100

Members get 20% off massage rates

First Time Specials


Clinical research shows us that it takes three floats for your brain to adjust to the new environment and completely unravel all the benefits floating has to offer. Because of this, we have a series for first time floaters that allows you to experience all our tanks while revealing all that floating has to offer your body and mind. This series is available for purchase after your first float during check out and one of the floats can be applied to that day’s float service.

This series is non-refundable and is not shareable. They are good for 6 months from purchase.

3 floats - $120

This series is non-refundable and is not shareable. They are good for 6 months from purchase.


Cryotherapy is powerful for workout recovery, but have you tried it pre-event or workout? It can increase endurance and give you an edge. There are so many ways to use it! Each cryo in the series is available to use for whole body and local cryotherapy.

3 cryotherapy sessions - $90

This series is non-refundable and is not shareable. They are good for 6 months from purchase.


With the three package of infrared sauna sessions, you can experience both types of saunas we offer as well as enjoy the benefits received from multiple sauna sessions. This series is only available during the time of your first sauna and allows you to sweat at the member price.

3 Infrared Sauna sessions - $45

This series is non-refundable and is not shareable. They are good for 6 months from purchase.

Your Wellness Experience

Sometimes one service isn’t enough. You need focused work, or a series of services to support a specific goal. Whether it is detox, recovery from workout, event, or injury, or a ladies gathering to deep dive into conversation and connection, or you would like us to work with you to create a few hours of an oasis to address what you need, we have you covered.

Deep Chill (about 3 hours 15min)

Our three favorite services all together to create a muscle and tension melting experience.

60min float + 60min massage + 40min sauna $150

Total Recovery (about 40 minutes)

Did you start a new workout routine? Or take it to the next level? Got hip, knee, or leg injury or swelling? This package is for you!

Whole Body Cryo + 30min NormaTec $60

Dani D’s

When you have a badass female ambassador who is competing in strongman competitions, helping people #fightforwhatyouwant with fitness events, and a body positivity warrior, what else can you do but create a recovery experience worthy of that lifestyle? Dani practices what she preaches so we put together a package of her favorites. Your body is an amazing machine. Treat it right!

Whole Body Cryo + 40min Infrared Sauna $75 (come in wearing some Dani D swag and get it for $50)

Couples Night Out

Looking for a unique date night? Or just need some time to be present together?

(2) 60min Floats + (2) Oxygen Bar $130

Ladies Night Out

Let us help you to create some time together to connect and dream!

Start out with a float then come together in our lounge and enjoy mini-cryofacials, foot soak and scrubs,