Our Story

Mark and Amy - Founders of Float Alchemy & Float Nashville (and BFFs)

Mark and Amy - Founders of Float Alchemy & Float Nashville (and BFFs)


Twenty years ago, you wouldn't have recognized me...

I was living with chronic pain, spending most my non-working time in bed, depressed and tired.

But on a business trip, in pain, I inadvertently discovered a float tank in a massage therapist's basement.  Three floats in three days changed everything.

With quiet space, lower pain levels and lower anxiety I had more clarity than I had in years and realized that even living with chronic pain, I was not meant to live the way I had been living.

Over the next few years, I left my beloved non-profit world and my executive position, became a massage therapist, met my business partner and bff Mark. Together we got the first float center approved in TN and opened Float Nashville.

But my journey wasn't over.  There were more amazing natural therapies and life habits that helped myself, Mark, and others along the way.  Therapies that changed our bodies, but also affected us deeper and made us want to be better, do better, and choosing to live vibrantly, optimally, and heal from the inside out. 

Float Alchemy is our dream to do all this combined with our shared passion of community and non-profit. 

Consider Float Alchemy your lab for change, both inside and out.  Come be a part of our community full of modern day warriors, innovators, rebels, students, explorers, and game changers. 

We can't wait to meet you.