Commitment to self-care

It is very easy, when someone you love is exhausted or overwhelmed or hurting to run to their aid and encourage them to take care of themselves. You wouldn’t think of doing anything less than urging them to do the thing that will help them heal, find peace, or hurt less no matter what the cost of time and often money.

We believe that you are important enough to deserve the same thing. Self-care is a commitment to bringing rest and peace to your body and mind. And self-care is not an indulgence. It’s a discipline. It is a way of life. And with new studies showing life expenctancy in the US has fallen three years in a row (something that hasn’t been seen in over 100 years) are happening due in part to the constant stress and anxiety of life, now more than ever it is time to make big changes and get a little more un-busy.

If you want to live a more vibrant life, get out of the chaos, find peace - it starts with making hard changes, including a commitment to self and self-care. Even when it feels like a burden. Because after that walk, run, float, meal prep, taking an hour to read a float, stopping by for a sweat - you never regret the time you just spent.

Cancellations / No-show

 Session time is valuable.  We honor your time by being present and reserving that space specifically for you. Appointments can be canceled up to 24 hours before scheduled for free. Same day cancellations will be charged a $35 reservation fee. No shows will be charged full value of the service. If you need to cancel please call 615-933-1116.  

Late Arrivals

 Arriving late for a float or service may require us to shorten the length of the service, with full charges applied, so as not to inconvenience other customers.


There are no refunds for gift cards, gift certificates or series. You cannot transfer services from series before or after expiration.  
Please make sure you are ready to commit to yourself and services before purchasing!